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Shared Space 2011

Shared Space is a project and research carried out for BCRC (Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium) by Forum which illustrates a new interpretation of ‘shared space’ and connection in the city. The research is presented on three A2 posters with mapping and a 16 page report. (see pdf below)

Shared Space is firstly about access to the city and its services. The centre is ringed by a ‘grey doughnut’ of roads, cheap car parking to serve commuters and vacant sites caused by blight, denying proper safe access to the pedestrians and cyclists. It is designed for ease of use by a generally more affluent car owning public at the expense of people who live in the city. 

Inward focused neighbourhoods are the direct result of the city scale traffic priority of commuters over city residents. If we wish to have policies on shared space and social division we need to have honest discussion about all spaces and projects in the city. Too often there is a partial look at division and unshared spaces. This is evident in 20 years of regeneration, where regeneration areas are ‘gated’ in various ways and remain unconnected to adjacent neighbourhoods or the city itself.

Shared Space report.pdf


–map of road blight areas and car park space

–blue maps show car ownership. Light<24% Dark>95%

–dark map of the only remaining terrace streets in yellow since 1960 

ISBN 978–1–907577–03–1

ISBN 978–1–907577–06–2

ISBN 978–1–907577–09–3

ISBN 978–1–907577–02–4

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