Forum for an alternative Belfast

Venice Biennale 2012

Forum exhibited at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice from August to November 2012

The theme of the Biennale was ‘Common Ground’. In its research for the exhibition Forum for Alternative Belfast travelled to Berlin with a question: ‘Braucht Belfast eine Internationale Bauausstellung?’ – ‘Does Belfast need an international building exhibition?’ The Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA 87) was a far–sighted urban renewal project carried out in West Berlin between 1979 and 1987. It consisted of Neubau (new buildings), led by Josef Paul Kleihues, and Altbau (alterations of existing blocks), led by Hardt–Waltherr Hämer. IBA 87 was realised over the course of a decade, Forum hopes that lessons learned from the process and delivery of IBA 1987 can be applied to the re–stitching of Belfast.

The exhibition includes a 5 metre steel version of the ‘Missing City‘ map first published by forum in 2010, the grey map of Belfast’s void sites is represented as a wall of the pavilion.


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