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Our maps concentrate on the centre city, the area within a twenty minute walk of the ‘Four Corners’, the place where all distances from Belfast are traditionally measured from. The maps bring together the layers of previous research, the missing city map along with map of road space blight and car parking areas from the ‘Shared Space‘ research project. This first map shows the only surviving terrace streets after 40 years of housing renewal.

We forget that in 1960 we had a connected city, we actively ‘unbuilt’ it. (see attached old map)

Seen together this mapping can be read a measure of dysfunctional spaces within the 20 minute walk of the city centre. Over the last 15 years of commercial boom hardly any of these problems were addressed, they represent neglect and also the task that any real city repair must now address.


– city pre–1960’s

– ‘Missing City’ map

– detail of ‘grey doughnut’ map