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Connect East Connect West 2012

Connect East and Connect West are two publications of the 2012 summer school outputs.

East of the river large ‘shatter zones’ of road networks blight the connection of East Belfast into the city. Following some engineering work commissioned by the East Belfast Partnership Board we saw how the area could be restructured around a calmed street network. The Sirocco Works site is key in the area, and an interim strategy discussed what the development of a park that could later support development.

West of the City centre we looked again at the fracture and disconnection caused by the West link and the wasted problematic sites around this motorway. There are a number of small parks and interventions that could be made in the area detailed in the plan. Rapid Transit will place a new route through Divis Street into the Falls Road, however it is vital that this improves pedestrian and cycle connections into the city. There is potential for Grosvenor Road connection to improve into the city when the new Transport Hub is built (rail and bus stations)