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The City Direction

The City Direction

In recent months forum has publicly presented a summary of our thoughts on the city trajectory. We believe there are two city trajectories possible, the first continues to reinforce the disconnected and broken city, in the second option, we choose a connected city vision, our city will grow, recover and heal for the benefit of everyone.

The connected city – ‘starfish diagram’ (above)

  1. productive use of wasted space
  2. walking connections increase trade and vitality
  3. population and economy grows
  4. connections + bridges have multiplier effect on vibrancy
  5. existing interfaces transform and lose significance
  6. a city vision that everyone can support
  7. projects a confident image abroad
  8. transition of car use as people live in an improved city


The broken city – current trajectory (above)

  1. negative spaces undermine city image
  2. unwalkable zones
  3. population flatlines
  4. core remains isolated and less vibrant
  5. ‘economic interfaces’ add to peace walls
  6. multiple agendas divide resources and clarity of purpose
  7. social disaffection
  8. dominated with commuting by car, dead at night