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Summer school 2014   Aug 18–22

Summer school 2014 Aug 18–22

What if I could live in the city?

18th to 22nd August 2014

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This year we return to the theme of repopulating inner and central Belfast, so many people have moved out of the city since the 1960’s and we know that we have many vacant spaces and buildings. More people living closer to the city will increase vitality and economic life and shift away from a city core that is empty at night.

We will address all the themes and initiatives to make houses and homes for people to live back in the city, examining how people want to live today, and what they need around them, new pocket parks and city centre schools. We will concentrate also on connecting the city through the ring of blighted empty sites and into the existing neighbourhoods so that they can share the benefits.

The week will involve research groups who will each give a 20 slide and 6 minute presentation at the public event on the Friday at 4pm in the City Hall – here is a great chance for contributors to hone their speaking and public presentation skills of the ideas that emerge.

For policy makers and city residents you are welcome to drop into the sessions and events as you wish, details on these will be posted in late July.

We will have keynote speakers and connections to policy makers and experts in the field. On the Wednesday evening we will have a keynote event open to the public, media and city leaders.

events are open to the public without registration 

to be more involved full time as a contributor please mail us to log your interest:

£25 students and unwaged

£50 waged/others