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Tivoli Story Fundraiser

Tivoli Story Fundraiser


Location: The Black Box, Belfast

Dates and Times: Saturday 14th September 2013, 8–12pm

Admission: £5 (the cost of a haircut at Tivoli’s)

Fundraiser in the Black Box Belfast for ‘Tivoli Story’ in collaboration with UAHS and FAB.

The Tivoli Barber Shop in Lower Garfield Street has been forced to move into temporary accommodation from its home of 102 years because the owner of the building has continued to neglect the listed structure, letting the rain penetrate the roof. The Tivoli is the oldest barbers in Belfast and one of the oldest businesses.

The Tivoli has an extensive collection of old photographs and memorabilia and the owner wishes to exhibit these in the new shop. This fundraiser is to raise money to help in the curation, design and building of the exhibition.

More information about ‘Tivoli Story’:

There has been a barber shop in the curved brick building in Lower Garfield Street since 1912. The current owners have run the shop, as a family business, since 1936 – 77 years. The shop is the oldest barber’s in Belfast and one of the oldest businesses.

In July 2013 the family were served notice by the owners, William Ewart Property Ltd,
to vacate the building due to the structural condition.

The state of this grade B listed building is a result of years of neglect by the owners who have a duty to maintain the building in the state it was in when it was first listed.

The Tivoli was offered temporary accommodation around the corner in North Street where they are now installed. The owner, Eddie Mc Glinchey, whose grandfather set up the shop, has collected historic photographs and memorabilia connected with the shop and intends to display these images in the new premises as an exhibition titled the ‘Tivoli Story’.

Programme for the evening:

Popular songs from our Eukelele Extravaganza, NI Opera. Extracts from Sweeney Todd and Barber of Seville, Barber Shop Quartet Reunion of FABs 2009 performance

First screening of 90 second film TIVOLI Belfast 

Music from Hackett, Watson and Doherty