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Summer School 2013

Summer School 2013

Dates: Monday 12 –  Friday 16 August, 2013

Location: Belfast City Hall (First Floor)+ Ulster Hall (Tuesday only, see programme below) 

Price: Free for drop–in visitors

Full week attendance: £25 unwaged and students/£50 waged

Theme: ‘Why are there no trees?’

This year’s Summer School considers how the greenways on the edges of the city can connect through the inner and centre city in a coherent way that helps connect city neighbourhoods. It has often been noted how little landscape and amenity space exists in our city centre areas. The week long study will also draw together all of the previous year’s work. 

Various events are free and open for everyone to contribute and attend: 

On Monday morning from 9.30am invited speakers and specialists will succinctly lay out the context. 

Two evening review sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, 6pm – 8pm, are essential to the week’s work, and we welcome anyone with an interest to attend and openly contribute.

The week’s findings will be presented publicly on Friday 16th,  4pm – 4.30pm in the City Hall, followed by open discussion that finishes before 5.30pm.

The public can visit the studio work at any time during the week. For full programme details see below.


To register for Full Week Attendance (£25 unwaged and students / £50 waged) please email your interest to Due to the large number of people who have already registered pre–registration for Full Week Attendance is essential.


MONDAY 12th, August
Belfast City Hall, First floor Reception Room

09:00 –– Registration
09:30 –– Introduction & Background Mark Hackett & Declan Hill Forum for Alternative Belfast
10:00 –– ‘Integrated green infrastructure’ Pete Mullin: Landscape Institute, NI
10:15 –– ‘If trees could talk’ Ben Simon
10:30 –– Belfast City Council (To be confirmed)
10:45 –– Questions

11:00 –– Coffee/ Tea

11:30 –– ‘Sense of place in a changing planning context’
Mansil Miller: Principal Landscape Architect, Natural Heritage Directorate, EMG, DOE NI.
11:45 –– To be confirmed
12:00 –– To be confirmed
12:15 –– ‘Bridging the gap to a sustainable city’
Conor McKinney, Living Landscapes Manager, Ulster Wildlife
12:30 –– ‘Living Places’ James Hennessey, Assosicate Director, Paul Hogarth Company
12:45 –– Questions

13:00 –– Lunch: Sandwiches Provided

14:00 –– ‘The future for trees in the city’ Alan Simson, Leeds Metropolitan University
15:00 –– ‘Greater shankill greenway’, Kelly Robinson: Greater Shankill Partnership
15:15 –– ‘Why are there no trees?’ A view from the hills.
Jim Bradley, Belfast Hill Partnership
15:30 –– Connswater community greenway: overview and update, Wendy Langham, Programme Manager
15:45 ‘Back to the river’ Paul McTernan, Principle Urban Designer SLR
16:00 –– Questions
16:30 –– Break into groups
17:30 –– Neighbourhood walk

TUESDAY 13th, August
Ulster Hall, First floor

09:30 –– Studio Work

13:00 –– Break

13:30 –– 20 minute tour of Ulster Hall
14:00 –– ‘Nutritious City: The Biosphere Project’
Greg Keefe, Professor of Sustainable Architecture & Director of Research, Queen’s University Belfast
15:00 –– Studio Work
18:00 –– Review of Work, Belfast City Hall First Floor Reception room

WEDNESDAY 14th, August
Belfast City Hall, First Floor Reception Room

09:30 –– Studio Work

13:00 –– Lunch Provided

14:00 –– Studio Work
18:00 –– Review of Work

THURSDAY 15th, August
Belfast City Hall, First Floor Reception Room

09:30 –– Studio Work

13:00 –– Lunch Provided

14:00 –– Studio Work

FRIDAY 16th, August
Belfast City Hall, First Floor Reception Room

9:30 –– Draw up
16:00 –– Presentation of findings