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Jan Kleihues Talk

Jan Kleihues Talk

Venue: Medical Biology Centre Teaching Centre, Lecture Theatre 2, Lisburn Road (opposite Elmwood Avenue)

Date & Time: Monday 28th January 2013, 6pm

Forum for Alternative Belfast presents a talk by 


of Kleihues + Kleihues (Berlin)

Urban Houses
Jan Kleihues spoke about his practice and the work of his father, Josef Paul Kleihues, who was the director of the IBA87neu. The IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung) was a housing exhibition that ran from 1979 until 1987 (and beyond). International architects were invited to build innovative housing that also repaired shattered Berlin.

Prof. Michael McGarry worked in the office of JP Kleihues during the time of the IBA87 and he joined the discussion afterwards.

This talk was supported by the British Council

Does Belfast need an international building exhibition? For more information see the Forum’s project for the Venice Biennale 2012.


Jan Kleihues during the slideshow presentation



Audiences attending the talk



Jan Kleihues, Prof. Michael McCarry and Declan Hill in conversation