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’Rip it Up’ Series –London Met

’Rip it Up’ Series –London Met


Thursday 04 November 2010, 6:30pm

Rip It Up and Start Again, a series of 12 lectures curated and chaired by Kieran Long. With David Brett, Mark Hackett, Fran Balaam, Michael Corr and Lara Gibson.

Few cities in the UK so clearly demonstrate the mores of recent architecture and urban design as Belfast, but it also has written into its urban history a darker past. Conflict and sectarian division still define the geography of the city, making it a compelling study for our lecture series’ questions about meaning and urban and architectural order. 

This event will be a mini symposium, with a main address from design historian David Brett, and a contribution from Mark Hackett, award–winning architect formally of Hackett Hall McKnight and co–founder of the group Forum for Alternative Belfast. 

Studio 9, run by Fran Balaam, Michael Corr and Lara Gibson, will reflect on their unit’s work in the city. 

David Brett is Emeritus Reader at the University of Ulster, and is author of many books on design and architectural history, including The Plain Style: Protestand Theology in the History of Design and Rethinking Decoration: Pleasure and Ideology in the Visual Arts. In 2008 he was co–author of Towards an Architecture: Ulster, a manifesto for a regional