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Moby Dick – Belfast Film Festival 2011

Moby Dick – Belfast Film Festival 2011

Venue: Sinclair Seaman’s Church Presbyterian Church (Corporation Street and Square) 

Date & Time: 13 April 2011, 20:30pm 

For this special screening Belfast Film Festival, The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society and Forum for Alternative Belfast present Moby Dick to highlight this beautiful building and architectural heritage. 

The beautiful Sinclair Seaman’s Church is one of the most famous places of worship in the Belfast and the perfect location for our screening of Moby Dick. Belfast has a great seafaring tradition and this church has become a museum/shrine to all things maritime. It was built to meet the spiritual needs of sailors coming into the port. Designed by Charles Lanyon (the architect behind Queen’s University), the pulpit is the front part of a ship and navigation lights and the ship’s bell are both integral features of the church’s design. It is located on Corporation Street in Belfast’s Sailortown. 

A ship is commanded by the obsessed Captain Ahab (Gregory Peck) who has a bloodlust for the rogue monster whale, Moby Dick that ripped off his leg and tore his body and soul asunder. Adapted from Melville’s book, maverick director John Huston’s movie is highly realistic about whaling, Moby Dick plays almost like a ghost story, or a Greek myth. It is animated by vengeance, grave oaths, and Ahab’s diabolical pact with his own crew.