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Barber of Seville – Culture Night 2011

Barber of Seville – Culture Night 2011

Two years ago on Garfield Street, as part of Belfast’s first Culture Night, the Forum for Alternative Belfast performed a Barber Shop Quintet to draw attention to the building and the last lonely shop on this great little street. Two years later the rain continues to penetrate and trees grow out of holes in the roof.

The Tivoli Barber Shop has been in Lower Garfield Street, once known as Curved Entry, since 1910. The curved brick building was built in 1896 by Graeme, Watt and Tullock. A ballroom and many shops including a jeweller, a tailor, a sweet shop and a shoe shop occupied the street. Today only the Tivoli Barber Shop remains. 

As part of Belfast’s third Culture Night on 23 September, 2011 the Forum for Alternative Belfast, in conjunction with Northern Ireland Opera and The Ulster Architectural Society will perform Opera in the Tivoli: The Barber of Seville. 

To develop the Spanish theme, Belfast Flamenco Cartel will provide music and dance across the street in the Deer’s Head bar and Flamenco Northern Ireland will provide song and dance on the street. Jive Apocalypse will complete the evening in the Deer’s Head.

Thanks to:

Páidí Ó Dubháin
Mary McCabe

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