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The Forum is closed, please contact us on for any legacy issues and see contact bios below.

  • Mark Hackett
  • Declan Hill
  • Karen Keavney
  • Ciaran Mackel
  • Ken Sterrett    (chairperson)

Mark Hackett is an architect and was a director in Forum. He is a former partner in Hackett Hall McKnight who in 2007 won the international competition to design the MAC arts centre in Belfast. In 2008 they won UK Young Architect of the Year award. Mark wound up his partnership in 2010 – 2011 following a philanthropic award to pursue the urban work of the Forum full time. He is a founding board member of PLACE. He currently runs his architecture practice ( and is a director in City Reparo

Declan Hill trained as an architect working in Germany and Belfast on housing projects and was a director of the Forum.

Dr Karen Keaveney is now a lecturer in Rural development in UCD, she was a lecturer in planning at Queens University Belfast. She specialises in spatial literacy, regeneration and rural restructuring.

Ciaran Mackel is senior lecturer in architecture at the University of Ulster Belfast and an architect and runs his practice ARD Ciaran Mackel in Belfast.

Dr Ken Sterrett was a senior planning lecturer in SPACE Queens University Belfast and is the chairperson of Forum. Ken is now a director in City Reparo.

He has worked as a senior planner and advisor to the Belfast Action Teams. Ken was a member of the Wales Spatial Plan Board an expert advisor to the Ministerial Advisory Group on Architecture and Built Environment for Northern Ireland and he is active in community–based regeneration groups.